From 2 till 8 July 2012, Arts, Culture, Sport and Civilizations participated in the seminar  » GO GREEN Sport and Sustainable development  » financed by the European program  » Youth in Action « . The seminar took place in the city of Ain Draham in the northwest part of Tunisia.

Russia, Egypt, Tunisia, Palestine, Lithuania, Moldavia, Ukraine, Georgia, Lebanon, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Italy, Austria, Germany, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, Poland, Bulgaria were represented by associations working with Youth.

The seminar had for objective to share and to exchange the current knowledges of the participants about the relations between Sport and Sustainable Development as well as national policies on the subject in their respective countries.

By using non-formal educational methods created by the European program SALTO-YOUTH and SALTO EUROMED, the seminar allowed the participants to improve their skills, their knowledge and their attitudes and to prepare projects of international cooperations.

11 projects of exchanges, voluntary services and trainings were born and must be subjected to approval for their realization during year 2013. The participants will be invited to work together on their projects and to meet in the term of this long-term training in 2013 year in Russia.

The second part of the Long Term Training GO GREEN initialy planned in   Khazan in Russia from 27th of october to 1st of november 2013 took place in Tbilissi ( Georgia)

The essential points of the long-term seminar GO GREEN:

I.Acquisition of the skills keys for the long life learning

  • These 8 skills keys for long life learning are defined by the European Parliament .
  • These skills should be acquired by students at the end of studies as well as adults during all their life to develop and update their talents.

II. The implementation of networks in order to:

  • Promote the European citizenship of the Youth
  • Develop solidarity and tolerance
  • Encourage the mutual understanding between young people of different countries
  • Improve the activities of associations for Youth.
  • This implementation of networks and bridges has for objective to work for the Peace within Europe, Caucasus, Eastern Europe and partner countries of the SALTO program .

III. Progress of the seminar in 3 phases over one year

  • An introductory seminar
  • An experimental phase during which the projects will be set up
  • A seminar of evaluation

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