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Our logo

ACCS’ logo designed by Sabrina Toulon, young french artist designer,
evokes a wall that breaks due to the force of  ACCS ‘s action.

This wall is the wall of ignorance, intolerance,
misunderstanding between cultures and peoples.

Sabrina also imagined acronym of  « Arts, Cultures, Civilizations and
Sports » by modifying it slightly. So it becomes ACC&S (pronounced
« ACCESS ») the possible « access » to culture and friendship among peoples by breaking the walls of prejudices.

Our website

The name  » Ethno -sport » was chosen by Luc Tessier,
cinematographic events organizer to replace « Arts, Culture,
Sports & Civilizations  » too long on search engines, due to the fact that the
first event organized by the association was a film festival
about people and cultural minorities participating to the
VIVA World Cup in Iraqi Kurdistan .

The site was created with the help and invaluable support of  Trinity
Advise , E -business consultant

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