Our World is changing and so are our means of communication.LOCAL DEMOCRACY in a CHANGING WORLD is a seminar hosted by GENERATION EUROPA in Vienna from 21st until 27th of April 2013
The main objective is community empowerment by sharing and learning about experiences and innovative tools in the context of democratic participation.
How can we use the internet for the realization of our creativity, ideas,interests and dreams? What does the Internet offer for our organizations?
Which tools can we learn to promote our projects?
In order to deal with these questions we have designed a week of exchange and learning. We will use a wide spectrum of methods, spaces and locations,we have invited politicians, educational institutions, businesses and participants from over 15 regions world wide, merging Europe, Africa, Asia
and the Middle East. Together we will enter a dialogue exploring the depths and different shades of citizens engagement spotlighting the potentials of each region.
Highlights of this seminar include a barcamp on April 24 as well as an
collective action day on April 25.


To know more:participantsguide

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